Why Timber Frame?

Benefits of Timber Frame Houses

What are the advantages of Timber Frame construction?

Non-Weather Dependant

Industrial production of timber frame houses helps to reduce the impact of different climatic conditions to a minimum, thereby ensuring a higher quality of the building and allows the construction process take place in winter and summer.

timber building
advantages of timber frame

Thermal Efficiency

The thermal insulation level that can be achieved by using timber frame technology, is much higher than a masonry house can achieve with a similar thickness of the walls. Wood structure provides excellent thermal insulation and the density protects the house from moisture, mould and condensation risk.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is the only fully renewable building material. By using timber in construction, we are able to reduce emissions into the atmosphere as well as the resulting negative impact on the environment. Timber has unique characteristics, including strength, durability, natural heat resistance and stability.

timber structure

Time and Cost Savings

The lower the amount of time spent for the construction, the lower the cost estimate. Shorter manufacturing and assembling time enable to keep the amounts spent for construction workers, supervisory staff and insurance low. In addition, the material consumption will be optimised to a maximum extent.

Individual Design

Timber frame houses can be cladded with different external materials that complement the local regulations, traditions and planning requirements according to the client’s desires and needs.

timber frame home
construction of timber frame

Speed of Construction

Timber frame technology allows you to perform several tasks at once – while the timber frame panel manufacturing process takes place at the factory, it is possible to carry out preparatory works at the building site – ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks. Afterwards the house assembly process is carried out quickly.

Precision-Engineered Structures

Redwood uses a variety of standardized technological solutions in the production process. Every timber frame panel is formed by precisely made drawings and calculations, which guarantees higher quality.

Precision-Engineered Structures
Redwood qualified labour force

Quality Control

High quality is provided by both – Redwood qualified labour force, as well as the quality control systems that comply with the national standards. In the production process, only high-quality materials with valid quality certificates are used. Project design is always done by following the local wind and snow loads as well as the regulatory norms.

Precision-Engineered Structures

Each house project at Redwood has been developed keeping in mind the building’s energy performance. Paying attention to details such as floor plan, heating and lighting, makes it possible to build houses with high energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient

Garden Room Prices Starting From £10,450

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