RedWood QuickRoof

An Introduction to RedWood QuickRoof

Roof Cassettes - Pre insulated roof panel system - A room in roof in just hours

QuickRoof is a factory prefabricated, insulated cassette roofing systems, to create a “room in the roof”, using modern methods of construction.

Roof cassettes are ideal for all types of build, from large commercial projects to bespoke self-build homes.

roof layout

Safety Comparison

Site safety must rank as the major priority for every builder.

Using roof cassettes eliminates the significant danger caused by falling block gables.

It also cuts risks dramatically by reducing labour to a single gang of carpenters, spending only a few hours working at heights.

Traditional builds require employed and sub-contracted labour across a range of trades.

Roof Cassette

– No risk of falling gables
– Eliminates major safety risks
– No risks from working between trusses
– Reduced hours of working at height
– A cleaner safer site


Traditional Build Risks

– Falling blocks gables
– Erection of scaffold
– Manual handling injuries
– Additional working hours at height
– Use of power tools in confined spaces
– Working in confined spaces
– Additional vehicle movements
– Additional hoisting required
– High level steels
– Gable blow overs


The advantages of our pre-manufactured roof cassettes include:


Reduced construction time on site: Panel system can be installed in hours, not days



Improves health and safety on-site, as it reduces the time spend at working at heights


Utilises the whole loft space to create a larger living area, opposed to attic trusses


Controlled manufacturing environment ensures consistent quality


Eliminates the need for highly skilled labour on site


Constructed from timber and sustainable materials


Increased energy performance


Reduced air leakage and thermal bridging


Less waste material on site


Robust details compliant

Cost Comparison 100% Guaranteed on-budget!

Roof cassettes are a highly cost-effective solution with 100% budget certainty.

Our supply and install option guarantees a fixed price for the job. The alternative traditional build often has cost over-runs due to the use of multiple trades susceptible to delays caused by material supply or weather disruption.

In the traditional build method, material content of each roof may differ with uncontrollable factors such as wastage or theft.

QuickRoof cassettes are constructed using engineered I-joists


I-Joists are the most widely specified engineered wood product in the UK, and are used in residential and commercial construction as load-bearing and non load-bearing members for floors, walls and roofs.


They’re made from a web sandwiched between top and bottom flanges, which is glued, pressed and heat-cured. The horizontal elements are flanges, while the vertical element is called the web.


The I-shaped cross-section gives them their name, but also means they can carry far heavier loads than a conventional timber joist of equivalent weight.

roof cassette

25% of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home.

QuickRoof cassettes are factory insulated, using several combinations of insulation, depending on our customers budget and U-Value target.


Using the latest U-Value calculation software our in house design team can assist you finding the most cost-effective solution for your insulation.

QuickRoof cassettes are factory fitted with a vapour control layer, which is installed to the “warm” side of the insulation.


Its purpose is to prevent damaging levels of condensation occurring in the fabric of the building which in turn would cause decay in timber, corrosion in metals or frost damage in masonry.


Vapour control layers are also airtight and generally used as an airtight layer to make buildings airtight.

roof membrane
roof joists

To tie the I-Joists rafters together as a single element, QuickRoof cassettes are factory fitted with 9mm OSB sheathing to the internal side of the cassette.


Oriented Strand Board is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood flakes in specific orientations.


OSB is a material with favourable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction.

The internal finish, or lining, is installed on site by the main contractor.


This material is as per the customers preferred material, but in most cases would be a gypsum board (plasterboard)

gypsum board
I-Joists rafters

The I-Joists rafters are spaced out over the roof as per structural requirements.


Structural calculations are available for submission to Building Control.

QuickRoof cassettes

QuickRoof cassettes are factory fitted with a breathable membrane, to enable ventilation of the roof.

QuickRoof cassettes are factory fitted with counter battens to create a breathable cavity, ensuring the elimination of any condensation build-up whilst allowing ventilation of the roof, from the eaves to the ridge.

Prior to installation of the roof finish (tiles, slates) the roofing battens are installed over the roofing felt on site by the main contractor.

roof finish