RedWood I-Joists

an introduction to I-Joists

I-Joists are the most widely specified engineered wood product in the UK, and are used in residential and commercial construction as load-bearing and non load-bearing members for floors, walls and roofs.


They’re made from a web sandwiched between top and bottom flanges, which is glued, pressed and heat-cured. The horizontal elements are flanges, while the vertical element is called the web.


The I-shaped cross-section gives them their name, but also means they can carry far heavier loads than a conventional timber joist of equivalent weight.


An I-Joist is designed to eliminate the problems that occur when using traditional timber joists. I-Joists are produced under strict quality control, so that natural imperfections that are found in natural timbers are none-existent.

i-joist layout

Features & benefits of RedWood QuickSystem I-Joists


Complete Design, Delivery & Installation service



Off site preparation and cutting – reduces construction time, waste and labour costs on site



Dimensionally stable, will not shrink, bow, twist, shrink or split which means less building maintenance



Squeak free joists ‐ Structurally efficient profile also provides flat floors and ceilings


I-joists are lightweight, span longer lengths and use less material than traditional floor joists



Quicker to install ‐ Easier to install than a solid timber set: no herringbone strutting or blocking, no special tools required – A great solution for those with time constraints



Improved service installation – 8mm structural fibreboard web allows easy access for wiring, plumbing, mechanical ventilation & heat recovery systems. Able to accommodate large service holes


Saving you time on site, saving you money